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Actor Sonar

Actor Sonar Actor Sonar Actor Sonar Actor Sonar
Actor Sonar Actor Sonar Actor Sonar Actor Sonar
Actor Sonar
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This sonar bait boat is great for beginners but also for the more advanced as well as carp anglers who don't need to dump loads of bait and are looking for an affordable bait boat.

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Variatie: Actor Sonar

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In a jungle of bait boats, the Actor Sonar certainly stands out

Compact, handy and light, this bait boat allows you to sail your bait and / or hook lines in the roughest water without the enormous drag of a large bait boat.

With its weight of 2kg and compact dimensions, the boat is very easy to take with you on small short sessions, it takes up almost no space but still allows you to feed or place your hook very precisely.

The distance to be reached is actually superfluous to mention, no less than 500m, but let's be honest, we are not going to present the boat for that.

In the roughest water, this boat continues to do its job and do not be fooled by the small transmitter, it fits very well in the hand and the boat follows your navigation seamlessly. We would also like to mention its speed, no less than 70 m / min, which is not less for such a boat.

The boat can bring up to 1.5 kg of feed to your swim, is equipped with a powerful front light, in short, everything you could wish for from such a small but very easy to operate boat.

This version is equipped with Boatman's sonar, this depth sounder / fish finder has already proven itself well and contains all the necessary options that you can expect from a depth sounder. The comments on this are therefore very positive. Even a stone of 10cm is displayed on the screen!
The depth range is superfluous to mention because with more than 30m this depth is not applicable for carp fishing.

And as for the distance, it reaches 250m under ideal conditions
  • 3.5 inch color screen
  • Distance +/- 250m
  • Depth range +30m
  • temperature display
-The sonar version is "always" equipped with a 10ah battery.
-You can obtain an upgrade for the GPS afterwards

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