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Boatman Surfer GPS

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Boatman Surfer GPS

€ 1.199,00 € 1.000,00
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Boatman Surfer GPS

Boatman Surfer GPS

€ 1.199,00 € 1.000,00

If you thought that we only have boats for carp fishing, you are wrong because we have the Surfer GPS

The boat will mainly appeal to beach anglers, but predator anglers can also get started with this boat.

A distance of up to 500m can be bridged, we think not wrong !!!

And suppose you really lean against that limit, then the boat will warn you in time to get closer in order not to get into trouble.

Equipped with a very strong night light. The GPS, yes, correct, a GPS is provided !! has no fewer than 28 waypoints, perhaps a little less important on the beach, as the bottom changes regularly, so that not every channel remains where it used to be, but it is certainly a tool for the predator angler.

Furthermore, the boat is equipped with an auto-pilot which solves many problems with steering or returning, the boat can even be set so that it automatically returns after dropping the bait or hook line. This can be placed in the middle of the feed hatch or attached to the hook release at the back of the boat, the choice is yours.

  • powerful night lamp
  • fully waterproof housing
  • indicates distance from departure point to drop zone
  • 28 waypoints
  • auto pilot
  • auto release bait
  • comes back automatically when the transmitter loses connection
  • automatically returns after dropping bait or hookline
  • 804 x 342 x 281mm
  • ABS hull
  • 11.1v/20a
  • speed 75m per minute (of course depending on the current)
  • distance up to 500m
  • feed hatch max 1 hook line or if desired max 2kg feed
  • 1 hook release at the back of the boat